London Like a Local

Last spring, my husband and I traveled to London and Paris, and I shared my favorites from each city with Philadelphia Style’s readers. Check out my top five picks from London on Philadelphia Style’s website here, plus a few more of my faves below.

The Anglesea Arms: This was our first stop in London after taking much-needed naps. If visiting an authentic London pub is on your list (and it bloody well should be!), this is your spot. Think dark wood, pints of beer and an incredible fish and chips platter.

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Bachelorette Weekend in Austin

Lake Travis

Last weekend, my sister and I flew to Austin for our soon to be sister in law’s bachelorette party. From the moment we arrived, we knew we were going to love this city. The vibe is cool, laid-back and, above all else, friendly. I’m talking, “Are you serious right now or are you just messing with me?” levels of friendliness. Clearly, the northeast has jaded me.

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Packing for The Yacht Week


Leading up to my trip on The Yacht Week Croatia, I read several blog posts, along with The Yacht Week’s own tips, to help me figure out what to pack. One tip that was pretty universal and which proved to be spot on was to pack in a soft duffel. There is absolutely, positively no extra space for large pieces of luggage or, really, anything unnecessary on these yachts. Our crew was a grand total of 10 people, which actually gave us a small amount of extra space, since each boat can technically sleep 12. With our smaller crew, our hostess was able to take the room with bunk beds. We used the top bunk to store our empty bags, which freed up a bit of space in the cabins.

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The Yacht Week Croatia

“It’s gettin’ late but I don’t mind.”
– Memories, David Guetta

Kastela-MarinaA couple years ago, when my friend Aaliyah told me about a vacation experience called The Yacht Week, I shook my head and said there was no way I’d ever participate. As far as I was concerned, all night ragers and cramming a dozen or so people into a tight living space were things I left behind in my college days and beach house summers of my early twenties.

Oh the powers of persuasion… especially while under the influence of a few beverages. See, Aaliyah already had the experience of The Yacht Week British Virgin Islands under her belt. Somehow, she was able to gloss over the less glamorous details and fill me with enough wanderlust to tip the scales into yes territory. Next thing I knew, I was ponying up for The Yacht Week Croatia 2016.

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